2021 Race Schedule

Nothing planned yet

Check out the Race Archive page for results and other info for our past races.

At Laramie Racing, LLC our goal is to provide high quality races on fun courses at a reasonable price point. After more than ten years and over 100 races we feel like we have a pretty good formula for great bike racing. Our events have a nice local feel, without sacrificing key aspects that every race should have.

We do our best to provide clear pre-race information on our website so you know what to expect, mark the courses well so you know where you are going, and publish easy to find and read results as fast as we can get them online (usually real-time).

Our races tend to be on the minimalist side. Part of what keeps entry fees down is that we don't provide any more infrastructure or support than we have to. Generally, it's up to racers to provide for themselves. There is no reason for you to pay us to guess what you might want, when you can bring exactly what you want.

While we are always re-evaluating and tweaking our races, what remains consistent is our goal of giving racers the best value we can at each event, and our hope everyone comes away looking forward to the next race.