2021 Race Schedule

Nothing planned yet

The information below applies to most cases in most Laramie Racing races. However, each race may have unique rules or other details. Those will be listed on the pages for each race.

Racing Rules:

Most standard mountain bike racing rules apply. Anything not covered here specifically will be decided by the race bosses:

Course Marking:

Courses are marked with red arrows and pink flagging. FOLLOW THE ARROWS!!!!! If there is a shorter loop course, it will be marked with a big yellow sign and yellow arrows. Long loops: Always follow the red arrows. Short loops: Follow the red arrows until you see the yellow sign that says "SHORT LOOP", then follow the yellow arrows until you meet back up with the long loop again (you will know you are back on the long loop when you see red arrows again).

We also use orange cones to mark some intersections near the start/finish. Do not ride through a line of cones.

Road Crossings:

If there are road crossings in a race, our policy is that bikes will yield to cars. We will not even try to stop traffic for you. Each crossing will be well marked as you approach it. It is up to you to look for cars and not get hit.

If there are dirt roads on a course, assume you will see vehicles on them.

Trail Conditions:

We will pause, postpone, or cancel races if trail conditions warrant it. We work closely with land managers and trail maintenance crews to make decisions about racing on these trails. We ride on these trails too, and have no intention of ruining them. If we do have to cancel a race, we will do our best to post it on websites, Facebook, and send emails by 2pm the day before the race.


Your safety on the race course is your responsibility. If weather conditions necessitate it, we will stop the race, however you may be a long way from shelter when a storm rolls in. Please use your best judgement as to whether or not you should be out there.


We can't monitor the entire course during a race, so please look out for each other. If someone is hurt on the course please do what you can to help them and let us know what happened and where. First-aid is available at the start/finish, and most of the time we have someone out on course.