2021 Race Schedule

Nothing planned yet

The Laramie Racing crew's goal is to provide great events at a relatively low cost. However, we are not full time race promoters, so it is not feasible for us to handle race administration on a daily basis. Therefore, we have set up the following registration policies that we hope everyone finds fair and reasonable. Also, please be sure you are getting your information from this website, the registration page, or Laramie Racing staff. Arrangements with or promises made by other parties will not be honored.

Registration Changes or Transfers:

We are able to offer great flexibility by allowing free registration transfers or changes until about two weeks before each event. This is a service maintained through bikereg.com (our registration provider), and accessible to each entrant via a link in their confirmation email, or bikereg.com account.

Individual Race Refunds:

Our approach keeps our events comparatively inexpensive, but also places some burden on the racers signing up for the events. We cannot offer refunds on an individual basis. We hope that the Registration Changes or Transfers policy covers most scenarios where refunds might otherwise be requested.

Race Date Change:

In the event of a forced race date change (Wyoming may seem like a tropical paradise, but sometimes we do get bad weather), we will do our best to find a solution for those that can't make the new date. We will look at all reasonable options from credits to our other races, to partial refunds. Generally 100% refunds will not be possible, but we will do the best we can.

Race Cancellation:

If we are forced to cancel a race completely, we will do the best we can for refunds. Again, 100% refunds will likely not be possible. We need to cover up front expenses and registration site fees, but we will do our best to get as much of your entry fee back to you as we can. Alternatives like credit for future races may also be an option we can offer in lieu of a refund, depending on the race. In the case of an individual Laramie Mountain Bike Series race cancellation, no refunds will be given (still a pretty great price for the remaining races).


We may be able to stray from our guidelines above on a case by case basis, but please allow us to make that determination and contact you if it applies.