After 68 races in 12 years, 2019 was the end of the Laramie Mountain Bike Series. It was great, but it had run it's course. Thanks to everyone who came out to race over the years, and to our partners who helped make the Series so successful. We also can't say enough great things about our volunteers and, although we have tried, feel like we cannot express enough how much we appreciated their help.

A few stats about the Series for you nerds out there:
Number of races68
Number of Unique Racers1,683
Number of Racer Days9,314
Ave # of races for each racer5.53
Total Time Spent Racing7819:32:33
(325 days, 19 hours, 32 minutes, 33 seconds)
Ave. Time Racing/Race114:59:36
Ave. Time Racing/Racer4:38:46
Ave. Time Racing/Racer/Race0:50:22
Est. Number of Volunteers>150
Est. Volunteer Hours>4000
Est. Number of Raffle Prizes>1000

Top ten participants:
1Peter Thorsness6088%
2Frank Barrows5479%
3Steven Stefko5175%
4Cynthia Dywan5074%
5Forrest Selmer4972%
6Justin Attebery4668%
7Charlie Jahner4566%
8Mark Jablin4465%
8Travis Posthumus4465%
10Abby Lozano4363%
10Evan O'Toole4363%
10Jennifer Mead4363%
10Thomas Steiger4363%