Presents the 2019


Presents the 2019



Sunday, January 6th. 10am start.


Check-in and Start/Finish will be at the Happy Jack Trailhead. To get to the trailhead, take I-80 to exit 323. Turn towards the rest area (left if coming from Laramie, right if from Cheyenne) and then left onto WYO 210. The trailhead is about 2 miles down the road on the right. Look for a big sign that says "Happy Jack Recreation Area". Google Map here.

Parking fee:

The Medicine Bow National Forest charges a $5 daily parking fee at the race trailhead. You can also get an annual pass from the Forest Service for $30.

Mandatory Gear:

Human powered fat bike. No fat-e-bikes.
Minimum 3.8" tire width.
Bike or ski helmet.

Recommended Gear:

Extra clothes for milling around waiting for your start.
Food and water.

Race Day Schedule:

TimeThe thing that happens at the time
8:00 to 9:45am Check-in. It would be very helpfull for everyone to fill out and bring a waiver or a minor waiver to check-in.
9:45am Brief meeting to discuss last minute details or changes.
10:30am Start of Stage 1
11:40am Start of Stage 2
1:10pm Start of Stage 3
2:10pm Start of Stage 4
3:00pm "Awards"

Seeding Groups:

At check-in on race morning, we will have you pick a group to be seeded in. Your choices are:

Race-A-Fatty - 30 second interval starts. If you catch the rider in front of you, you can yell at them and they have to pull over right away to let you pass. Also you'll have to tell us how rad you are, so we can try to get a decent start order set up.

Roll-A-Fatty - 15 second interval starts beginning after the last of the racers. If you catch the rider in front of you, you may not ask them to move over for you. They might move over to let you by, but since neither of you is really going for it, it would be rude of you to ask.


Racers will go first, followed by Rollers. First racer will go at the start times shown in the schedule above.


NWS point forecast for the race.

Race day amenities:

You get what you pay for with this one. Bring anything you think you might need with you.