Does Not Present the 2020


Does Not Present the 2020



Sunday, January 5th.
Registration: 8:00am - 9:45am.
Start: 10:00am.


Check-in and Start/Finish will be at the Happy Jack Trailhead. To get to the trailhead, take I-80 to exit 323. Turn towards the rest area (left if coming from Laramie, right if from Cheyenne) and then left onto WYO 210. The trailhead is about 2 miles down the road on the right. Look for a big sign that says "Happy Jack Recreation Area". Google Map here.

Parking fee:

The Medicine Bow National Forest charges a $5 daily parking fee at the race trailhead. You can also get an annual pass from the Forest Service for $30.

Mandatory Gear:

Human powered fat bike. No fat-e-bikes.
Minimum 3.8" tire width.
Bike or ski helmet.

Recommended Gear:

Extra clothes, if you are planning to make it a leisurely day.
Food and water.

Format: (New for 2020)

After the pre-race meeting at 9:45, riders can roll out anytime to head for the start of stage one. As soon as a stage is open, you are welcome to go anytime. Just make sure you start before the stage closes. We think the stage open times will allow riders to basically ride continuously through the day, and not need to wait around for start times. There should also be plenty of time for slower riders to make it to all of the stages before they close. You should be able to ride a comfortable pace during the transfers, but keep an eye on the time if you are near the back of the group. If you miss a stage, just head for the start of the next one.

Start Order:

We will not do any seeding. It will be up to the riders to sort themselves out at the start. Our plan is to send riders off every 30 seconds, with the intention being that faster riders will start earlier and work our way back to the slower riders. If for some reason you are immediately behind someone that you know is a lot slower than you are, you may ask for an extra 30 second gap. You may also ask to follow right behind another rider. Make sure the starter knows you are planning to do this, and that the person you are following wants you right behind them.

Starting a Stage:

We will have a starter with a clipboard and stopwatch at the start line. When the rider in front of you leaves, roll up and make sure the starter has your number recorded for the next start time. The starter will give you a 10 second warning, and then "go".


If you catch the rider in front of you, you may ask them to move out of the way. If someone behind you asks to go by, you need to pull over and let them by. With that in mind, remember this is single track on snow, and sometimes moving over is not that easy. Do the best you can to cooperate out there.

Race Day Schedule:

TimeThe thing that happens at the time
8:00 to 9:45am Registration. $20, cash only. It would be very helpfull for everyone to fill out and bring a waiver or a minor waiver to check-in.
9:45am Brief meeting to discuss last minute details or changes.
10:20am - 11:05am Stage 1 open
10:55am - 12:15pm Stage 2 open
11:30am - 1:25pm Stage 3 open
11:50am - 1:50pm (maybe) Stage 3a open (maybe)
12:30pm - 2:50pm Stage 4 open
3:00pm Awards


NWS point forecast for the race.