Race #1
June 19th

Race #2
June 26th

Race #3
July 10th

Race #4
July 17th

Race Information/Rules

Number plates:

Riders will be assigned a number at their first race. Please use the same number throughout the season. If you change categories, you need to get a new number for the new category.


Check-in and registration are at the start/finish. You must check in before each race.

LMBS Rules of Racing:

1. Be extraordinarily polite to other trail users. If you come across non-racers, you still need to follow the standard rules of the trail. Since you are on a bike, that means you yield to everyone else. We will have a zero tolerance policy for LMBS racers who are jerks to any other trail users.

2. Be nice when passing! If you are being passed by someone in another category, pull off and let them by as soon as it is practical to do so. If you are passing someone from another category, ask nicely to go by, and patiently wait for a good opportunity to go around. When passing or being passed by someone in your category, the lead rider does not need to yield to the passing rider, however, may not block someone either. Just be nice. It's the LMBS, not the World Cup.

3. If you go off course, you have to go back to where you left the course and start again from there.

4. It is your responsibility to know how many laps and what course you should be racing.

5. Tell the timers if you don't finish the race. Otherwise, please stay clear of the timing area. We will post results as soon as we can.

7. Don't litter.

8. Racers must wear a cycling helmet and sign a Laramie Racing waiver.

9. Common sense applies in all other cases. If that doesn't work, we will make an arbitrary decision.

Course Marking:

Courses are marked with red arrows and pink flagging. FOLLOW THE ARROWS!!!!! The short loop cut-offs will be marked with a big yellow sign and yellow arrows.
Long loops: Always follow the red arrows.
Short loops: Follow the red arrows until you see the yellow sign that says "SHORT LOOP", then follow the yellow arrows until you meet back up with the long loop again (you will know you are back on the long loop when you see red arrows again).

We also use orange cones to mark some intersections near the start/finish. DON'T RIDE THROUGH A LINE OF CONES!!!!

Leaders "Jersey":

In order to properly recognize their supreme dominance over Laramie mountain biking, the current points leader in each category will have to carry, on their bike, some small trinket until the next race. Any reported sightings of the leader between races without it will result in a ten point deduction.