Gowdy Grinder - Race Info.


Saturday, June 9th, 2018
First race is at 9:30am


Check-in and Start/Finish will be at the Aspen Grove Trailhead in Curt Gowdy State Park.

Categories/Distances/Start Times:

Intermediate Men8 miles9:30
Intermediate Women8 miles9:35
Beginner Coed3.5 miles9:36
Open Men19.5 miles11:00
Advanced Women12 miles11:01
Open Women15 miles12:45
Advanced Men15 miles12:55

All categories are open to all ages and all types of human powered only bikes.

These distances may seem a bit short, but if you have ridden at Gowdy, you know it tends to be slow going. Don't let the short mileages fool you.

Go pre-ride the courses and/or take a look at previous race results to figure out the right category for you. You will be able to change to another non-full category, at no cost, any time before Monday, June 4th at noon through the registration website.

Park fee:

State parks in Wyoming charge an entrance fee. $4 for Wyo. residents or $6 for non-residents. This is not covered by your race entry fee.

Race Day Schedule:

Check-in and Race day registration opens8:00
Int. Men stage9:25
Int. Men start
Int. Women and Beginners stage
Int. Women start9:35
Beginners start9:36
Open Men stage and call-ups
Adv. Women stage
Open Men start11:00
Adv. Women start11:01
Int and Beg awards11:05
Lunch starts11:30
Open Women stage12:40
Open Women start12:45
Check-in closes12:45
Adv. Men stage12:50
Adv. Men start12:55
Open Men and Adv. Women awards1:30
Open Women and Adv. Men awards3:15

Trail Conditions:

We won't hesitate to cancel a race if trail conditions are bad. We ride up there too, and have no intention of ruining the trails. We also work closely with the park administration to make decisions about whether or not to hold the race. If we do have to cancel, we will post it here by 2pm the day before the race.


NWS point forecast for the race. Your safety on the race course is your responsibility. We can't control hazards on the trail and we certainly don't control the weather. If weather conditions necessitate it, we will stop the race, however you may be a long way from shelter when a storm rolls in. Please use your best judgement as to whether or not you should be out there.

There will be one first-aid marshall on course and first-aid at the Start/Finish. If someone is hurt on the course please do what you can to help them. No sweep riders will be following the last rider, but we will clean the course at 3:00 from the Start.

Race day amenities:

This is a bare bones race. We'll give you lunch, but there are no on course aid stations. Bring anything you think you might need with you! The park will most likely have drinking water turned on. The closest faucet is in the campground near the park entrance.


Cycling can be dangerous. Really dangerous. Especially mountain biking. Because of this, racers must wear a helmet and sign a waiver.

nat@laramieracing.com for more info or questions

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